Dr. Alexey Fomenkov

Dr. Alexey Fomenkov

New England Biolabs, USA

Biography :

Dr. Alexey I. Fomenkov is well known scientist in area of Microbiology. He currently holds a Scientist II position at American Biotech Company “New England Biolabs”, the major supplier of biological reagents, including restriction and methylation enzymes for the global market. He is operating Pacific Biosciences SMRT sequencing platform for NEB and performing collaborative research and development projects. His current scientific interest is to study bacterial epigenetics. Previously, he did expression and characterization of new 5me-cytosine specific enzymes for epigenetic study that lead to the product development. Development protocols for production clones for restriction enzymes and new methyl-cytosine specific enzymes. Several new enzymes with unique specificities have been discovered. This work was supported by COMBREX and SBIR NIH grants awarded to NEB research director Nobel prize winner of 1993 in medicine Dr. Richard J. Roberts. During his tenure at Johns Hopkins University Dr. Fomenkov rose to the rank of Assistant Professor and was awarded NIH grant from Institute of Dentistry and Craniofacial Disorders to study P63 Network in Pathogenesis of Ectodermal Dyspasia. He discovered a new splicing mechanism underlying link between major ectodermal factor P63 and FGFR receptor. Moreover, Dr. Fomenkov is an author and co-author of more then 70 published original research papers