Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Digital Dentistry

Track 2

Cosmetic Conservative Dentistry

Track 3

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Track 4

Dental Material Sciences Dental Medicine

Track 5

Public Health Dentistry

Track 6

Endodontics Geridontics

Track 7

Flossing Fluoridation

Track 8

Laser and Nano Dentistry

Track 9

Oral Epidemiology Oral Cancer

Track 10


Track 11

Pediatric Operative Dentistry

Track 12

Periodontics Prosthodontics

Track 13

Prosthetic Dentistry Restorative Dentistry

Track 14

Sports Holistic Dentistry

Track 15

Dental Education and Research

Track 16

Laser Dentistry

Track 17

Advanced Dental Research

Track 18

Dental Instruments and Dental Marketing

Track 19

Conservative Dentistry

Track 20

Dental Implants and Dentures

Track 21

Prosthodontics Implantology

Track 22


Track 23

Forensic Dentistry

Track 24

Dental Biomaterials Bioengineering

Track 25

Pediatric Dentistry and Gerodontology

Track 26

Dental Nursing and Dental Practice

Track 27

Oral Surgery and Dental Anesthesiology

Track 28

Dentistry in Stem Cell Regeneration and Repair

Track 29

COVID-19 Dental Oral care

Track 30

Tooth Anatomy, Decay and Care