Dr. Daisuke Tanaka

Dr. Daisuke Tanaka

DI Dental & Oral Clinic / Any-Edge, Tokyo, Japan

Biography :

Over 20 years of clinical experience as a special GP: General Practitioner dentist. Completed law school to acquire medical law/ intellectual property law: JD degree while engaging in dental care. Enrolled in the PhD course of the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering, advanced interdisciplinary study to be involved in the development of microdevices. In the first year, as a founding researcher of a startup from the University of Tokyo, research and development of a robotics system for cell sample preparation. The following year I received a scholarship from Erasmus Mundus from UPMC, EU and worked on his MEMS development of microdevices at Italy's highest research and development institute, FBK and University of Trento, Italy. During stay in Europe, I participated in various international conferences, programs, and trade shows, I have realized keenly aware of the development delays in the chemical sensor field in Japan. Based on these experiences, I was chosen as a representative of the University of Tokyo for the SETI: Startup Entrepreneurial Training Internship Program (C-CAMP, Bangalore India) and a representative of the University of Tokyo for the China-Japan Student Exchange Conference (Materials Engineering, Dalian University of Technology). I also completed the Healthcare Technological Innovation: From Idea to Commercialization Executive Program at Tel Aviv University, Israel. After return to Japan, I established Any-Edge, a research and development team for a “saliva and breath comprehensive analysis device” using his own dental & engineering background. During my work, I qualified to participate in Code in Place @ Stanford University CS106A to enhance my coding Python skills. During start-up activities, DI Dental Setagaya Oral Clinic has been launched as part of regional contribution to dental services. I have won various startup business pitch contests and has been selected for acceleration programs.