Prof. Khamis A. Hassan

Prof. Khamis A. Hassan

Global Dental Center, Canada

Biography :

I always like to share my knowledge and passion of over 35 years of clinical success using composite resins with my colleagues, residents, interns and students. I didactically teach and clinically demonstrate step-by-step protocols on how to effectively and artistically restore Class IV’s, close diastemas, veneer discolored teeth, restore non-carious cervical lesions, among other clinical challenges including composite restoration of large Class I, Class II and Class V cavities using the split-increment placement technique. I have introduced 2 innovative restorative techniques to the field of Operative Dentistry. The first in 1987 is entitled: “The Modified Incremental Filling Technique for Class II Composite Restorations” and published in Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. The second in 2005 is entitled “The Split-increment Horizontal Layering Placement Technique for Class I Composite Restorations" and published in General Dentistry; with applications in Class II cavities in 2006, and Class V cavities in 2007. These two techniques were meant to control the detrimental effects of composite resin polymerization shrinkage.