Dr Divij Joshi

Dr Divij Joshi

Dr Joy Dental Clinic Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Biography :

As a 3rd generation of doctor in my family, I always zest to progress towards every aspect of my professional career, specially to serve my patients to achieve the upmost clinical knowledge from my ever-growing experience, with a special keenness in Invisalign and Lingual. Having more than 13 years of clinical experience with 9 years as an Orthodontist; and more than 7 years as an Academician (Assistant, and Associate Professor & Post Graduate guide in a Dental University). Running a dental practice since 12 years, and having treated hundreds of Orthodontic patients with all diversity of appliances whether, conventional, self ligating, lingual braces or clear aligners. Certified and Practicing Clear Aligners since 9 years. I have excellent communication skills, am a strong team player, and good with people.